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Sicily beyond metaphors

We promote the Sicilian Innovation

SiciliaInnova is the space where history and tradition meet innovation to create new relationships and unite the best Sicilian realities.

Who we are

We are a non-profit association that believes in the strength of aggregation and in the innovative power of Sicily: we want to promote the innovative projects of the territory with the aim of telling a new story.

What we do

We combine tradition and innovation to enhance the present and past heritage of Sicily and create new opportunities to make the territory grow.

We build new networks

We organize networking events to build a dense chain of relationships and generate new innovative ideas in Sicily.

We plant strong roots

We want to create new spaces for education to stimulate the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of young Sicilians to found new projects.

We enhance the territory

Sicily is a place where beauty, art and culture are protected and exalted, contrasting the concept of territorial and emotional isolation.

How we do it

We embrace to innovate

SiciliaInnova reflects the welcoming and creative soul of Sicily: each project is cultivated to activate relationships that increase the value of the territory, overcoming physical and symbolic distances.

We encourage to grow

We want to support and encourage the new generations to bet on their island to create new opportunities for growth in Sicily.

We tell our stories for a change

SiciliaInnova offers a new perspective, going beyond folklore and iconography, to bring out the technological and innovative underground of our island.

Let's work together

We unite to strengthen

Change requires the cohesion of all Sicilian realities. We will exploit unite to reach new goals together.

Let's unite and create together!

Create with us

Make Sicily a unique center of culture and innovation. Design with us a new path to amplify resources, technologies, and growth projects.

Start the change: facemu ruppu!

Why we do it


Strengthened by an incomparable cultural heritage, we want to organize professional, artistic, and cultural meetings and events to explore and learn about new realities.


Island of conquests and dominations, Sicily contains the story of different populations. Its contrasts and its stories make it a chest of cultures and traditions, which we want to tell.


We create physical and virtual connections between startups, companies, and associations working to make Sicily a competitive reality on a national and international scale.

Our associates


Let's have a call!

Let's meet and have a coffee together! Write us to fix an appointment.

Mail: info@siciliainnova.com

Telephone number: +39 095 6768540

Address: Via Antonino di S. Giuliano 197, first floor, Catania